KIT F-300 SENSOR/SWITCH 1.0”P, 1.25”P & 1.0”T-2.0”T

Catalog Number: F-300SL


Optional Flow Switch / Sensor is designed to detect Flow / No Flow.
A rare-earth magnet is located within the red PVDF float of the new F-300 flowmeters. When the magnet passes through the Alarm Trigger Zone of the Sensor Accessory, the built-in contact closure switch sends a signal to external devices.
Note: Two alarms can be placed onto one meter to obtain both ‘Flow Switch’ and ‘Flow Sensor’ capabilities. See diagrams below.



  • Reduced straight run pipe requirements by 50%
  • Calibrated to measure flow in Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC pipe
  • Measures flow from 2 to 10 feet per second (pool industry standard)
  • Same simple installation


  • Durable CNC-machined body for high quality and improved accuracy
  • Priced competitively
  • New UV and chemical resistant red float and top red cap
  • No metals in the fluid path. Safe to use with salt chlorine generators


  • Available flow switch/flow sensor. Sends signal to control chemical or other external equipment


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